Continuing Competence Test

Continuing Competence Test, Pearsn Vue

QSP are the only WAMITAB approved centre offering a Half Day Refresher Course and the WAMITAB Competency Test all on the Same Day!

The test you will be required to take will depend on what competence you wish to achieve and/or maintain. Guidance can be obtained from your local Environment Agency officer or from the WAMITAB web site. However, it is essential that you know which test/options to take before travelling to the test centre.

To book your test at our facilities you will need to use the online booking system which can be found at You will need a valid credit or debit card and will select the location, date and time of your test through the system.

When do I need to do the Continuing Competence Test?

If this is the first time you are taking the Continuing Competency test it will need to be taken 2 years to the date you achieved your WAMITAB Level 4 certificate, this is the date as shown on your certificate (e.g. WAMITAB certificate is dated 06th March 2017 you will need to take your first test by 06th March 2019)

If you are maintaining competency an expiry date will be shown on the Continuing Competency Certificate issued by WAMITAB. You are responsible for keeping your certificate up to date in line with your certificate expiry date.

All individuals will have to register with the CIWM/WAMITAB Waste Operator Competence Scheme and will have access to the syllabus for the assessments or can attend a Continuing Competence Refresher workshop. Successful candidates will receive a ‘Continuing Competence' certificate from CIWM/WAMITAB.

Where can I take my test for Continuing Competence and what is the cost?

The test will be on-line and carried out at an approved Pearson Vue Testing Centre such as QSP. The test will be booked and paid for on-line via Pearson Vue site as shown above or booked via QSP.

As of 1st January 2019 the test fee will be £139 this will cover the generic element and up to 3 technical certificates held.

Try the new WAMITAB test calculator to work out your result

Continuing Competence Test Score Calculator

Further information and FAQs can be found on our attached leaflet:

Continuing Competence Test