Level 6 or 7 Professional Recognition Award (Leadership and Management)

Level 6 Professional Recognition Award

The Professional Recognition Awards have been developed for those at the highest professional level within their chosen careers. They will enable you to demonstrate your knowledge and skills within any sector or role.

It has been designed for those who wish to gain recognition for the practical application of professional skills, knowledge and understanding in employment, offering an employment-based route to higher level qualifications.

Who is it For?

The Level 6 award is aimed at Senior Management professionals in leadership and management. The Level 7 award is aimed at those who have strategic leadership responsibilities.

How does it Work?

A standard takes approximately 2-4 months to achieve. This is done by collating evidence of your competency for each standard. Ensuring that each piece of evidence which is provided has an explicit and documented link to the standard for which it is presented.

Included in your portfolios you will have access to full guidance on evidence and sufficiency of evidence, as well as work related projects, reflective accounts, training, qualification references and all tracking forms to help you link to the standards.

What will I Gain?

On successful completion of this award, candidates are issued a City and Guilds Certificate of Professionalism along with their portfolio which has recorded their achievement to keep as a reference. Graduation ceremonies are also held annually by C&G for you to attend for your achievement.

Level 6 candidates will have met the Graduateship level and will be able to use post nominal letters GCGI, or Level 7 will have met the Membership level and will be able to use MCGI.

Course Modules

The award is made up of 6 standards which have to be met for which they also have set standard statements with the different levels of the award: 

  • Commitment to Professional Standards
  • Communication and Information Management
  • Leadership
  • Professional Development
  • Working with Others
  • Managing Customer Participation and Expectation

Further information about these awards can be found here:

Level 6 or 7 Professional Recognition Award (Leadership and Management)