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Level 2 Award in 
Practical Reuse and 

Separating Waste

About this Level 2 Qualification.

Learners will develop the basic knowledge and skills required by employers within the sustainable resource and waste management sector to support the transition to a greener, circular economy.
This qualification is designed for anyone looking to improve their employment prospects for the future by developing practical reuse and refurbishment skills that can be used to prevent items becoming waste. Once learners have achieved this qualification, they will be able to progress directly into entry level job roles or support local community projects.

Who is this Qualification for?

  • New entrants to the industry.

  • Long-Term Unemployed who wish to retrain

  • Volunteers and Community groups.

  • Experienced workers seeking a frormal qualification.

  • pre and post gate prisoners

How is this Award deliverd and what are the entry requirments?

This Qualification is assessed in the workplace via portfolio of evidence. This qualification is an open entry and do not need any prior qualifications to starting. 

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