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Reversing Assistants

Individuals will understand the key issues arising out of reversing and manoeuvering, identify areas of danger for reversing vehicles and demonstrate recommended code of signals and reversing procedure.

Who is it For?

Individuals whose work activities require that they provide assistance to vehicle drivers during vehicle manoeuvring operations. Vehicle drivers whose work activity requires that they manoeuvre vehicles within the context of waste operations.

How does it Work?

The course can be delivered on site at the premises of the company. The training is delivered as a half or 1 day course.

What will I Gain?

Delegates who successfully complete this course will be awarded a Reversing Assistant Certificate of Attendance.

Benefits include:

  • Crews having the competencies required to reverse/manoeuvre vehicles as a team

  • Reversing operations by refuse and recycling vehicles carried out in the safest possible manner

  • Reduced risk of injury to crew and members of the public

  • Reduced vehicle and property damage caused by reversing vehicles

  • Providing knowledge of the accidents that can happen if good practice is not followed

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Reversing Assistant

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