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WAMITAB Level 4 Competency Awards

QSP provides ranges of qualifications to encourage best practice. The awards are assessed to a national standard, allowing employees to develop the skills necessary to perform their role effectively. Under the Environmental Protection Act and the Environmental Permitting Regulations, all waste management facilities are required by law to have a permit.  The Competency scheme was established to satisfy the law and requires a Technically Competent Person (TCM) to have an operational involvement.  Competency is judged by gaining a CIWM (WAMITAB) award appropriate to the waste facility.  QSP provides the full range of qualifications to enable a person to gain the relevant qualification for their waste facility. Once registered we provide guidance on completing the award and assessors to assess the Standard.  As we have been granted self-certification status by the awarding body CIWM (WAMITAB) we are able to offer support from start to finish.

Who is it for?

Under the CIWM/WAMITAB scheme; Operators must demonstrate competence in the type of facility for which they have responsibility. Managers or Supervisors achieve this by obtaining an Operator Competence Certificate for the type of facility and the type of waste/recycle that the facility is permitted to receive.

How does it work?

Under the scheme facilities are listed under Risk headings for each type of facility - the qualification is achieved by demonstrating competence in each appropriate unit. 

Typically these would be:
Low Risk – 4 units   ( e.g. Storage )
Medium Risk – 6 units ( e.g. Transfer & Treatment Non-Hazardous, End of Life Vehicle, MRS, Composting, AD )
High Risk – 12 units ( e.g. Hazardous, Clinical, Landfill, Incineration )

Qualification Areas

Transfer / Treatment / Open & Closed Landfill / Clinical / Physical & Chemical Biological / ELV / WEEE / Mobile Plant / Anaerobic Digestion / CA Sites / MRF / Composting / Hazardous / Non Hazardous / Recycling Centres

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